Fifty States, Not Six – Reforming the Election Process

Our current winner-takes-all Electoral College system for electing our President is not what the Framers intended. However, direct popular election risks tearing apart our already divided nation. Fifty States, Not Six proposes a bipartisan solution which accommodates both Democrats and Republicans and assures that every citizen’s vote counts. . . . → Read More: Fifty States, Not Six – Reforming the Election Process

Six (Poorly Drafted) Amendments

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has written a book proposing six amendments to the Constitution. Whatever their substantive merits, these opinions are all very poorly drafted. They leave too much discretion in the hands of judges, and even can be reasonably read to defeat Stevens’ objectives in proposing them. . . . → Read More: Six (Poorly Drafted) Amendments

Newt, the Judges, and the Constitution

Part of the attention Newt Gingrich has attracted recently, both good and bad, has focused on his proposals for reining in an activist federal judiciary.   Some of the proposals include congressional legislation limiting the federal courts’ jurisdiction in certain areas, abolishing particularly out-of-control courts, presidential defiance of decisions he deems unconstitutional and calling judges before . . . → Read More: Newt, the Judges, and the Constitution