Why the Electoral College is Not in Tom Perez’ Constitution

Many thanks to Western Journalism for publishing my article Why the Electoral College is Not in Tom Perez’ Constitution.  The DNC chairman’s misstatement that the Electoral College is not in the Constitution was not an inadvertent error.  In fact, it reflected an attitude toward the Constitution which is common in the modern Left.  In recent decades, through the process of judicial amendment the Supreme Court has used four words in the 14th Amendment, “equal protection” and “due process,” to rewrite the Constitution to reflect their policy views.  These views include an absolute one-person one-vote standard under which the Electoral College system, with its careful balancing of state and sectional forces, is outdated.

I discuss this “four word” Constitution further in chapter 9 of my book Timely Renewed, and discuss a constitutionally sound way to update the Electoral College system in my new book Fifty States, Not Six.

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