In addition to my three books on the Constitution and posts here at, I have been able to publish various articles and op-eds.  Here are links for them:


The Judiciary Can’t Impose Proportional Representation on the Nation, Justice Kavanaugh

Leftist Attempt To Purge Northam Over Blackface Fits Collectivists’ Historic Temper (I prefer my original title, which was Northam, Danton and Molotov: The Left consumes its own: There are no guillotines or gulags, but do the modern Left’s demands for self-criticism and purging evoke its predecessors?)

Splitting Up Big States: The Conservative Case

The Anti-Constitutional Legal Campaign against Gerrymandering Reaches the Supreme Court


Justice Roberts Needs To Get His Own Branch In Order Before Going After Trump

Democratic Judges in North Carolina Continue Drive to Impose Proportional Representation

The Race to Get Trump in New York Courts

Let Vermont Show Wyoming the Way (a modest proposal on the apportionment of the U. S. Senate)

The Redistricting Cases Are Not About Gerrymandering, They’re About Imposing Proportional Representation

We Need a National Injunction Review Law

We Need to Update the Second Amendment

Illegal Immigration Gives Sanctuary Cities Political Power: Here’s why the Left is so upset about that new census question.

The Constitution’s Guarantee Clause to the Rescue? (The Pennsylvania supreme court is imposing proportional representation by judicial fiat. It’s time to revive the Constitution’s long-neglected guarantee of republican government.)

Why we need to count citizens in the 2020 census


The Supreme Court versus the Constitution

Blue-State Scrooges

Why the Electoral College is Not in Tom Perez’s Constitution

Why Sanctuary Cities Encourage Illegal Immigration


Corporate Tax Evaders for Hillary: Why Big Business Supports the Tax-Hiking Candidate

Would Trump Ever Leave the Race?

Amending the Constitution to Constrain Federal Power: There Is An Alternative to a Convention of the States


Ask the Candidates What They Will Do About the Supreme Court

Tom Donohue for speaker of the House


Too Cool to Care: Could Obama’s Privileged and Pot-filled Adolescence Explain his Presidential Lassitude?


Sun Tzu, Ken Cuccinelli, and the ‘War on Women’ Gambit

Enacting the Liberty Amendments


Homosexual ‘marriage’ and judicial activism: Democratic process should govern cases

Justice Roberts Explains Justice Roberts: Politics, the Supreme Court, and Constitutional Change


The Real 1%

The Democrat Handbook: Playing Like It’s 1936 All Over Again

You call this “regulatory reform”?

Barack Obama is the Real Winner In the Debt Ceiling Deal

A Balanced Budget Amendment is not enough – Give Us Back Our Constitution

Bernie Sanders, Free Marketeer?